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When a married couple that shares a child or children gets divorced, or if a child is born out of wedlock, each parent becomes responsible for providing financially for the child or children. Calculations of child support are governed by Tennessee’s child support guidelines and a child support obligation can exist even if parties equally share time if one parent earns more than the other parent. The Law Office of David L. Scott represents both payor and payee parents, helping them to arrive at appropriate and accurate child support orders.
At our Murfreesboro, Tennessee, law firm, we offer experienced, accessible and responsive child support services. Our child support attorney, David L. Scott, work closely with each client to explain the legal processes affecting them.

Rutherford County Child Support

Attorney David L. Scott has been representing Tennessee parents since 1996. He has ample understanding of the Tennessee child support guidelines, which are essentially a mandatory formula for calculating child support in the event of a divorce. The main amounts that are entered into the calculation are:

While the guidelines are straightforward, any number of complications can arise and result in disputes. For example, it may be discovered that one parent has failed to fully disclose his or her income. Or, one parent may earn a significantly large income, in which case it may be possible to deviate from the formula. Attorney Scott handles a range of child support matters — from the relatively simple to the highly complex.

Post-Divorce Modification

Our law firm also handles child support modification issues that can arise in the months and years after a divorce has been finalized or paternity order entered. Child support can be modified upward or downward if there has been a substantial change in material condition. If you are seeking to have child support modified, or if you contest a modification, we can assist you.

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