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When a divorce is contested and the court makes all the decisions, both spouses often come away dissatisfied with the results. Mediation allows both parties’ input and relies on tools like compromise, negotiation, and communication that will serve them into the future in their dealings with each other.

Having a qualified and skilled Rule 31 family mediator guiding the process helps couples navigate and resolve those often-thorny issues that keep them from making essential compromises and decisions. At the Law Office of David L. Scott, our skilled team of talented Rutherford County family mediators help couples navigate these roadblocks and help them move on to the next chapters of their lives.

What is Rule 31 Family Mediation?

For contested divorces in Tennessee, mediation is required as a first step in the process. The courts typically require a divorcing couple to go through the mediation process before a hearing will be scheduled.

Mediation is a process to help resolve disputes and settle differences during a divorce. This generally happens with the assistance of an experienced neutral mediator who guides the couple toward making important decisions regarding their divorce. Rule 31 mediation specifically refers to Tennessee’s legal requirements and restrictions under Rule 31 as they involve divorce mediation.

A Rule 31 family mediator in Rutherford County is trained to resolve conflicts and ensure that any resolutions are consistent with the law, often keeping the couple from contentious and costly litigation. At the Law Office of David L. Scott, we are trained Rutherford County family mediators who are dedicated to guiding divorcing couples through important matters that will affect them and their families into the future. We work as expertly trained neutral moderators, helping couples navigate many sticking points in their negotiations with each other.

The Benefits of Rule 31 Family Mediation

Divorce is always a challenging and stressful process. While compromise and cooperation are needed especially at these times, this is when a couple is often least likely to feel cooperative toward each other. As an alternative form of dispute resolution, mediation allows couples to operate in a creative and cooperative way with skilled guidance.

A successful mediation can make the divorce easier on everyone involved. The benefits of Rule 31 mediation include

A family mediator does not represent either party and will not force any agreements on a couple but will skillfully and legally assist them to arrive at their own solutions. With the assistance of a skilled Rutherford County Rule 31 family mediator, the court is presented with a settlement that has already worked out the important details.

Who Typically Acts a Rule 31 Family Mediator?

In Tennessee, the courts provide a list of vetted Rule 31 family mediators. While most Rule 31 mediators are family lawyers who have undergone specialized training as mediators, other qualified professionals can also receive that training and designation.

At the Law Office of David L. Scott, we have been court-approved Rule 31 Rutherford county family mediators since 2012 and have worked diligently to provide couples with guidance toward meaningful and skilled communication to come to a settlement that works best for both parties.

What Happens During Mediation?

A mediation session will generally be held at the mediator’s office. During this time, the couple can expect to talk about and come to understandings and agreements about matters concerning

A skilled Rutherford county family mediator will get an idea of how far apart the couple is on these matters and work to help them get closer in their objectives. The purpose of a mediator is not to represent either party but to help them come to an agreement. Once a couple can do this, the mediator can draft a settlement agreement for both to sign and present to the judge.

You May Bring Your Lawyer to Mediation

A family mediator does not represent either spouse. If you are working with a divorce lawyer, you may bring your attorney to your meditation appointment. Even if your lawyer is not present at a mediation session, you will have the opportunity to confer with one prior to signing the final agreement.

During a divorce, emotions can run high. Skilled mediators must know how to navigate these emotions to help their clients understand the important issues that they must face and the consequences if they don’t.

If you are navigating a contentious divorce, maintaining open communication is one of the best ways to resolve difficult issues. Having a talented Rutherford County family mediator guide you in making these decisions can be key to both parties coming away feeling heard and respected.

As qualified Rule 31 family mediators, the experienced family law team at the Law Office of David L. Scott brings knowledge, vast legal experience, and patience to the mediation table. Contact us for more information on the Rule 31 mediation process.

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