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Expungement allows a person who has been charged with a crime in Tennessee but not convicted of it to have records associated with this charge sealed from the public view. Having criminal records associated with your name means that someone can find them when you are applying for a job, housing, educational program, or public benefits. An expungement can remove this information so that it is not used against you. Attorney David L. Scott provides attentive service, takes the time to answer your questions and works diligently to get the results you want.

When does expungement apply?

In Tennessee, there are very strict guidelines of when a criminal record can be expunged. Records can be expunged in any of the following situations:

Generally speaking, if you were convicted of an offense in Tennessee, you are not eligible for expungement. However, a narrow exception to this rule may apply for certain convictions 5 years or older.

How are criminal records expunged?

Criminal records are not automatically expunged. Instead, the criminal defendant must petition the court to have the record expunged. You must pay the appropriate fee and include it with your expungement petition. This petition is filed with the court that had jurisdiction over the defendant when he or she was charged with the offense. The district attorney is served with a copy of the expungement petition and he or she can challenge it.

If an expungement is ordered, this applies to public records. However, law enforcement and prosecuting authorities often maintain access to this information. Additionally, if your records are expunged, they still can be used if you are arrested again to show a prior or for sentencing.

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