Child Custody

Murfreesboro Family Law Attorney Navigates the Complexities of Tennessee Child Custody Laws

Getting custody of your children in Tennessee

Divorce creates many uncertainties, but none greater than the custody rights of the parents. Tennessee law provides a complicated but thorough process for determining child custody rights. Our acclaimed Murfreesboro family law attorney, David L. Scott, is available to guide you through the process and help get you the child custody rights you deserve.

What is a parenting plan?

When a divorce occurs or paternity is established, and the parents cannot agree on child custody, the court has the authority to award the care, custody and control of a child to both parents (joint custody) or to either of the parents (sole custody). The court’s decision is laid out in a permanent parenting plan. The most important decision in the plan is determining the primary residential parent—the parent whom the child spends the majority of time with. The plan also outlines each parent’s responsibility for child care and residential scheduling. It is often very detailed, covering where children are on holidays, vacations, and special events like birthdays or weddings.

Best interests of the child are always a priority

The goal of the parenting plan is to ensure the best interests of the child. The court has the discretion to consider any relevant information, including these factors:

  • Distance between the residences of the parents
  • State of love and affection between child and parents
  • Ability of parents to provide food, medical care, and education to child
  • Maintaining a stable environment
  • Stability of the family unit
  • Physical and mental health of the parents
  • Child’s record in school and the community
  • The reasonable preference of the child, if child is 12 or older

Experienced advice on a wide range of child-related issues

Attorney Scott provides the education and guidance you need to seek resolutions to disputes relating to a wide range of child-related issues, including:

  • Child custody/visitation
  • Child support
  • Parental relocation
  • Custody modifications

We explore every available strategy to find resolutions

Depending upon your situation and your relationship with your former spouse, you may have options when attempting to obtain a fair child custody and visitation arrangement in Murfreesboro courts.

Attorney Scott offers the advice you need to understand these options, including:

  • Mediation: In some cases, a judge may order you and your former spouse to undergo mediation. In other cases, you may wish to explore the option voluntarily. The mediation process is much like a guided negotiation process in which each party is offered the opportunity to state their case with the guidance of a trained mediator. The mediator’s role is to guide the conversations toward collaborative resolution and limit confrontations.
  • Negotiation: Informal negotiation may be helpful in resolving your custody or visitation dispute. By working together to resolve the dispute, you may save the expense and emotion of drawn-out custody proceedings.
  • Litigation: Parents unable to resolve child custody or visitation disputes through mediation are likely to require the guidance of a family law judge. Attorney Scott has the experience and litigation skill needed to state your case in court and advocate for a favorable custody or visitation order.

Contact an experienced Murfreesboro child custody attorney today

The Court has a great deal of information to consider when issuing a parenting plan, and deciding which parent is the primary residential parent. Our family law attorney puts more than two decades of experience to use for you, by presenting your information and educating the court. All with the goal of maximizing the time you get to spend with your child. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.