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How Much Does Divorce Mediation Cost in Tennessee? 

If you thought that you had to go to court to get a divorce, you are not alone. For many people, the image of divorce that they hold in their mind involves a highly contentious battle played out in front of a judge. However, that does not have to be the case. Divorce mediation provides a collaborative and efficient alternative to traditional divorce, and the best part? You do not even have to set foot in a courtroom. You are probably wondering, what’s the catch, and how much does it cost? Well, there is no catch, but it does require some work from both you and your spouse to reach agreements on the issues that need to be decided in your divorce settlement. The good news is you do not have to do it alone. You will have a neutral third-party mediator who is trained in conflict resolution to help guide you to mutually agreeable outcomes on all issues that need to be decided.

What Does Divorce Mediation Cost?

Most people would probably pay extra to be able to avoid a courtroom for the duration of their divorce proceedings. However, when it comes to divorce mediation, the opposite is true. Divorce mediation costs a fraction of what most people pay for a traditional divorce. This is true for several reasons. First, a traditional divorce requires litigation on all issues that need to be decided in court. Litigation is the most expensive service offered by attorneys, with most charging $400 per hour or more. If it is a high-asset divorce or there are children involved, this can result in a bill that costs tens of thousands of dollars.

Additionally, unlike traditional divorces that often take over a year to be resolved through the court system, divorce agreements can usually be negotiated through mediation in one session. It is not uncommon for the process to take a total of 5 hours or less. For this reason, mediation is an incredibly cost-effective alternative, as well as being a much faster and less traumatic option for most parties.

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