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School Zone Selection In Tennessee Parenting Plans

Child walking with a backpackChildren have traditionally been required to attend school in the school zone wherein the Primary Residential Parent (PRP) resides. Designation of a Primary Residential Parent was required even in Parenting Plans where parents had equal time with the children. School districts did not have to honor language in a Parenting Plan where parents agreed to have their children educated in a school zone other than the zone of the Primary Residential Parent. This changed with the adoption of Tenn. Code Ann. §36-6-415.

Primary Residential Parent Designation

The parent with the greater amount of parenting time is designated as the Primary Residential Parent in Parenting Plans. Either parent can be designated as the Primary Residential Parent when the parents exercise equal amounts of time with their children. The primary effect of this designation is that children have to attend school in the school zone of the PRP. Historically, agreements to have a child attend school in the school zone of the other parent did not have to be honored by the school district and waivers could be difficult to obtain.

Selection of School Zone

Tenn. Code Ann. §36-6-415 now permits parents to designate the school zone by using the address of either parent when the parents have equal residential time. This can eliminate the need to change schools when parents are divorced and provides more flexibility in the development of Parenting Plans. The school zone selection can apply to Parenting Plans entered or modified after July 1, 2019.

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