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Chinese Man Marries Robot

Marriage in the U.S. has long been defined as a union between one man and one woman and now includes marriages between persons of the same sex. Could marriages between humans and robots be the next step?

According to an article in the, a Chinese man has married his robot. No, a marriage between a human and a robot is not legal in China, but this did not prevent Zheng Jiajia from building and marrying a robot he named Yingying.

Reportedly, after many years of the Chinese “One-Child Policy” the 113.5 men to every 100 women ratio makes it difficult to date let alone find a spouse. Zheng apparently gave up and participated in a traditional marriage ceremony with Yingying. Zheng’s new bride speaks only a few words but he is hoping to upgrade her in the future so she can walk and do household chores.

Zheng’s story may seem like a publicity stunt but there are those who believe humans will one day marry robots. With rapidly advancing technology this may someday become a reality.

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