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Spouses Use Technology to Spy on Partners

Spyware is being used more often by suspicious spouses investigating their partners

Divorce attorneys are seeing a trend develop. With the increased use and abilities that come with advances in technology, attorneys are seeing an increase in the use of electronic spying by suspicious spouses, or even suspicious former spouses. Many clients report wanting to spy on a spouse, are spying on a spouse, or expressing fears that they have been, or are currently being, spied on by a spouse.

There are several different options couples are employing to investigate a spouse. Many involve tracking technology parents use to monitor their children in attempt to keep them safe on and offline. The Find My iPhone feature can be used to check and see if a person is at the place where he or she said they would be. In some cases, a person could leave a device such as an iPad in another person’s vehicle to track whereabouts. While the thought of tracking your spouse to confirm or deny your suspicions regarding possible marital indiscretions sounds good, you may want to consider whether this use of technology is actually legal.

Many ways a spouse may be tempted to use technology to spy on a partner may be illegal, or borderline illegal. Consider the following:

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