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Know your rights and keep a cool head at sobriety checkpoints

At DUI checkpoints, police officers set up to stop vehicles and check for impaired drivers. Tennessee uses these checkpoints. The locations are temporary and you can usually find out the locations of the checkpoints in advance. Check ahead of time to avoid these locations if possible. If you are already out and about and see a DUI checkpoint up ahead, do not try to alter your path to avoid it. There are officers looking for this behavior and may consider this act an admission of guilt. Do not draw negative attention to yourself like this.

What should I do at a DUI checkpoint?

When you reach a DUI checkpoint, you will be stopped by a police officer and briefly interviewed. Drivers suspected of driving under the influence will be subject to sobriety tests. If you ever find yourself at a DUI checkpoint, make sure to remember the following to avoid some serious problems down the road:

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