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College Freshman Found Dead After Night of Drinking

On January 20, 2017, the body of a young woman was found dead in her dorm room at Miami University in Ohio. Once a young and vibrant college freshman who said that she wanted to go to college forever, the woman’s life was quickly taken after engaging in what police described as “high-risk alcohol consumption.” Police concluded that the woman died after a night of heavy drinking with friends that included imbibing in multiple types of liquor, falling on multiple occasions due to drunkenness and requiring an escort back to her on-campus room.

Police were able to chronicle the chain of events that ultimately led to the 18-year-old’s untimely death. The woman returned to campus on January 19 after spending the winter break at home with her family. By 10 p.m. of the woman’s final night, she and her roommate began drinking. They first finished two bottles of champagne and then started drinking vodka. They headed to a house party at an off-campus location where they had multiple shots of vodka. The woman and a friend then went to a local bar. The police report states that on their way to the bar, the woman fell and was later denied access to the bar due to inebriation. A friend called the woman’s roommate, instructing her that the woman needed to be taken home.

The woman got in a cab with the roommate and requested to go back home. They arrived at some point after midnight. The taxi driver reports that the woman fell again when she exited the taxi. The roommate asked for the taxi driver’s help in taking the woman to her room on the second story because the woman could not walk without assistance. The taxi driver reported that he laid the woman down on a bean bag chair and instructed the roommate to look after her. The roommate fell asleep at approximate 1 a.m. The woman was found dead on the same bean bag chair the same morning.

The Miami University Police Department conducted a thorough investigation to gather these details, ultimately culminating in a 25-page report. The woman was previously an honor student in high school and was majoring in special education. There is no word at this time as to whether there will be any civil or criminal legal action taken in the matter.

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