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Winter Weather Wreaks Havoc on Tennessee Roads, Putting Drivers at Risk

Winter Storm Jonas was one of the worst snow storms in recent history, dumping more than a foot of snow on many states across the east coast. States with the most snowfall included West Virginia, which got as much as 42 inches in parts, Virginia with 39 inches, Maryland and Pennsylvania – both with 38 inches. In addition to the heavy snow, some states got bombarded with heavy winds, flooding, and ice. Tennessee got hit with up to 14 inches, with Nashville getting about eight inches on the first day.

The accumulation of snow and ice wreaked havoc on the roads, making it hard for people to drive safely. Either roads were not cleared quickly enough, or they were not properly treated to prevent the formation of ice. Many motorists were stranded and others got into serious accidents. Some incidents included individual cars that had spun out of control and flipped over into a ditch; others included multiple vehicles and resulted in serious damage and injuries.

According to the Associated Press, the storm resulted in at least 18 deaths, including one in Tennessee. A car in Knox County slid off the road and crashed, killing the driver and injuring a passenger. There have not been any comprehensive reports about the number of injuries or property damage caused by the storm, but we expect that more information will be coming in over the following months as people begin to file claims with their insurance companies.

Drivers should take precautions in the snow, including driving much more slowly, turning on their lights, and eliminating any distractions in the cabin, such as eating or using the phone. Yet many drivers do not take the precautions they should, and their poor judgment leads to serious accidents that cause potentially life-altering injuries.

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