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Construction Workers at Risk for Injury During Cold Weather

The average temperature in Murfreesboro in January is just 36.8 degrees, and the average temperatures in February are only a few degrees higher. But daily temperatures can actually go much lower. For most of us, that means staying inside as much as possible or bundling up with a heavy jacket, a scarf and some mittens when we have to venture out. But construction workers have no choice but to be out in the cold, and bundling up with all those layers can make their job harder to do and slow down their productivity. Exposure during the harsh, winter months puts them at risk of what is known as “cold stress,” which refers to a number of health issues caused by exposure to the cold. Construction workers can experience cold stress as a result of prolonged exposure or as a result of a sudden drop in temperature or windchill.

Some health problems related to cold stress include:

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