Motorcycle Accidents

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We can help you gain compensation from those responsible for a dangerous motorcycle wreck

Motorcycles are a classic element of the American roadway experience. The open air on the open road has been a draw to countless Americans over the past century. Though motorcycles offer a great experience when operated safely, the simple physics of the matter dictate that when accidents happen, the potential damage and injuries can be devastating.

The aftermath of a motorcycle accident can be a difficult time, and like car accidents, the at-fault driver may be responsible for a wide range of potential damages. If you have been in a motorcycle accident, an experienced attorney like David L. Scott can help you ensure those responsible pay for their mistake.

If you have been in a motorcycle accident you may be eligible for compensation

With regards to auto accidents, Tennessee is a fault state. This means that if you have been in a car accident or motorcycle accident in which the other party is at fault, you may be able to hold them financially liable for your damages. You may be wondering what type of damages you can receive in a motorcycle accident. Some damages that can be recovered include:

  • Medical bills due to injuries
  • Actual or potential lost wages
  • Loss or damage of property (i.e. your vehicle)
  • Pain and suffering
  • Long-term injuries and loss of quality or enjoyment of life
  • Wrongful death/funeral costs
  • Rehabilitation costs

Depending on your unique situation, there may be potential for other damages as well. Tell us more about your accident during a free consultation and we can determine a course of action based on your needs.

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