Parents Who Use Drugs and Their Parental Rights

Millions of parents in America use illegal drugs or abuse alcohol Illicit use or abuse of drugs ruins the lives of adults on a daily basis. Among adults aged 26 or older, 7.3 percent use illegal drugs and 5.6 percent smoke marijuana. Over 10 percent of Americans of parenting age heavily abuse alcohol. Drug abuse [..]

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How Do I Enforce A Child Support Order in Tennessee?

Failure to pay or delinquent payment of child support obligations is a national epidemic The Social Security Act of 1935 requires states to have programs in place to provide child support. Tennessee has rigorous procedures to determine child support obligations, enforced by the Tennessee Department of Human Services. All too often a parent does not [..]

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Maximizing the Potential of Divorce Mediation May Save You Heartache and Money

Remember these key strategies when working toward collaborative resolutions Divorcing couples face an emotional roller coaster while traversing the legal process of dissolving the marriage. The constant battle to be heard and to prove your thoughts to be true can be exhausting. Fortunately, there are alternatives to lengthy court battles, including the mediation process. Mediation [..]

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