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What Happens if Parents are Unfit to Take Care of Their Children?

While children benefit from having both parents in their lives, in some cases, at least one parent is unable to take care of their children. However, there are cases in which both parents are unable to care for a child.

The court focuses on the best interests of the child, so these types of child custody cases can be challenging. Various interventions may be implemented to ensure the safety and well-being of the children. The exact processes will vary depending on the specific circumstances of the case. Here’s a look at the steps the court may take when parents are deemed unfit.

What Steps are Taken?

As a first step, Child Protective Services (CPS) will get involved. If there are concerns about the well-being of a child, CPS will be notified. This agency will investigate allegations of child abuse or neglect. Other steps may include the following:

Who Gets Custody?

If one parent is deemed unfit to care for their children, then the other parent would get custody. However, if both parents are considered unfit, then it’s possible that a family member, such as a grandparent, would get custody.

Grandparents can petition for custody if both parents are unfit or unable to take care of their child. They can also seek custody if any of the following apply:

Even still, there’s no guarantee the court will grant the petition for custody. Ultimately, the court will make the decision based on what’s best for the child.

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In a child custody case, the best interests of the child prevail. If one or both parents are deemed unfit, then custody may be given to a grandparent or other family member.

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