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What are the Main Factors in Determining Child Support?

When parents are divorcing, there are several issues to determine to enable them to develop a plan of care for their children. One of them is child support.

Child support varies from state to state. Each state has different guidelines based primarily on income. In Tennessee, guidelines are based on an income shares model. This model combines both parents’ adjusted gross income to come up with each party’s child support obligation. Adjusted gross income is determined by adding any Social Security benefits paid to the child, deducting any applicable self-employment taxes, and deducting any credits based on the child support paid for any other children.

There are also worksheets that can help you determine how much child support you will pay. However, child support amounts can vary based on other factors besides monthly income. Here’s a look at some of them in more detail.

What Can Affect Child Support Amounts?

The monthly income of each parent is one of the biggest factors in determining child support. However, that amount can increase based on other factors, such as:

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In a divorce or other situation where parents split up, child support will be a concern. The state has guidelines that help determine what each parent must pay.

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