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What are the Different Types of Adoption?

There are several types of adoption available to individuals and families here in Tennessee

Adopting a new family member is one of the most rewarding, generous decisions a potential parent can make. Below, we discuss the different types of adoption and some related considerations for individuals and families here in Tennessee:

Infant/Independent or Agency Adoption

It can be difficult to adopt an infant because there are more people pursuing infant adoption than there are infants available. Many who wish to adopt an infant will work with an adoption attorney in Tennessee, although you can also pursue adoption through public or private agencies as well. However, it is also important to note that a 2020 state law installed legal protections for private adoption agencies to reject state-funded placement of children to parents based on religious belief. This law is currently being challenged in court as unconstitutional by a couple who claim that a state-sponsored Christian adoption agency declined to assist them because they are Jewish.

Closed Versus Open Adoptions

In a closed adoption, no identifying information about the birth or adoptive parents is exchanged between them and there is no contact between the families. During the adoption process, the adoptive family receives non-identifying information, and then once the adoption is finalized, those records are sealed.

In an open adoption, some form of association is allowed between the birth and adoptive parent(s) and/or other family members, such as siblings. This can come about in a variety of forms, such as phone calls, picture sharing, and more.

Adopting Specific Individuals

Several clients will approach the firm about adopting a stepchild or other relative here in Tennessee. The process goes more smoothly if the adoptive parents are related to the child; If they are not, the court could order a home study, which can slow down the adoption process. In addition, either the noncustodial parent will need to consent and voluntarily give up their parental rights or the court will need to determine if there are grounds for involuntary termination in order for the stepchild or relative adoption to proceed.

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