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What is a Restraining Order?

Not all relationships are filled with love and respect. There are some family law situations that involve stalking, assault, abuse, name calling, and other negative elements. This can lead to scary situations. The victim may be living in constant fear of what could happen next.

In these situations, a person may be able to get an order of protection, namely a restraining order. Restraining orders are common in family law cases involving domestic violence. They provide legal protection for victims of stalking, domestic abuse, and sexual assault. Restraining orders are signed by a judge and order those who are harassing or hurting you to stop, or they will face serious legal consequences. A permanent order can only be granted by a judge, although a temporary one may be granted without notice.

Domestic violence victims and perpetrators can be the following:

What Does a Restraining Order Do?

There are two types of restraining orders in Tennessee:

An order of protection may do the following:

Who Can Obtain a Restraining Order?

A person harmed in the following ways can obtain a restraining order:

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Restraining orders may be necessary in some family law cases involving domestic violence. If you fear abuse from a spouse, romantic partner, or stalker, a restraining order can be helpful.

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