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Tennessee Graded for Shared Parenting

Tennessee received a grade of “C” from the National Parents Organization in their 2019 Shared Parenting Report Card. The report grades states on their efforts to promoted shared parenting. Kentucky received the highest grade of “A” while Rhode Island and New York received an “F.”

Shared Parenting Benefits

The report cites research that 35% of children raised in fatherless homes suffer psychologically and emotionally. These children account for the following:

Children benefiting from shared parenting by two fit parents show improved academic and emotional outcomes and reduced substance abuse. Shared parenting arrangements also have an increased child support compliance rate and reduced parental conflict.

Parents with Child

Grading States

The goal of the National Parents Organization is to have shared parenting as a legal presumption. Kentucky received a grade of “A” for having this presumption. However, Tennessee law sets a “maximum participation possible” standard with no presumption of shared parenting. The maximum participation standard permits broad discretion by the court while applying several best interests factors. The report is critical of this because of the broad interpretation permitted and gave Tennessee a grade of “C.”

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