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January Earns the Title of “Divorce Month”

The starting of the new year can mean the ending of many marriages

January means the start of a new year, the end of the holiday season, and has also come to mean the end of many marriages. Divorce lawyers across the country claim that business is always thriving in January, leading the month of January to be deemed “divorce month.” Some think this is because the stress of the holiday season can be the tipping point in otherwise unhealthy marriages. It may also be due in part to people wanting a fresh start in the new year.

While it can be tempting to be drawn to divorce if you are in a troubled or tumultuous marriage, consider the legal and financial implications that comes with such a significant change in circumstances, such as dissolving your marriage. Always seek professional financial and legal counsel prior to beginning divorce proceedings.

Divorce may not be the refreshing new beginning you hope for. In fact, after reviewing financials, it may be that you cannot afford to get divorced. It is not completely out of the ordinary for a couple to stay together for financial reasons, while living separate personal lives.

Divorce carries serious repercussions that can implicate parts of your life that perhaps you had not yet considered. It may even be worth considering marriage counseling. Family therapists, like divorce attorneys, also report an uptick in business during January. January really can be a make-it or break-it month for marriages on the edge.

Despite the difficulties, divorce may be best for you and your family. Just be careful and thoughtful as you navigate toward divorce proceedings. Be sure to:

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