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Maximizing the Potential of Divorce Mediation May Save You Heartache and Money

Remember these key strategies when working toward collaborative resolutions

Divorcing couples face an emotional roller coaster while traversing the legal process of dissolving the marriage. The constant battle to be heard and to prove your thoughts to be true can be exhausting. Fortunately, there are alternatives to lengthy court battles, including the mediation process.

Mediation is, in essence, a guided negotiation between you and your spouse. Under guidance from a trained mediator you will attempt to resolve disputes collaboratively. The process can be used to address any of the many details of a divorce, including property division, child custody, visitation and more.

To maximize the effectiveness of the mediation process, be sure to:

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At the Law Office of David L. Scott, we believe that understanding the mediation process and its potential is important for couples who are willing to work together to resolve their differences during divorce proceedings. Often a more affordable and rewarding strategy, mediation may be the answer to moving forward with your lives as quickly and easily as possible.

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