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Murfreesboro Child Support Attorney Helps You Collect from a Delinquent Parent

If the parent of your child owes you child support, you may be able to ensure payment through legal action

Under Tennessee law, both parents need to help support a child. Whether or not the child lives primarily with a parent, the parent has a financial obligation to help support the child. When this obligation is not met, there may be legal recourse for the parent who has to shoulder the financial burden. Should you find yourself seeking legal action against a nonpaying parent, you will need the advice of an experienced legal team. At The Law Office of David L. Scott, we have nearly 20 years of experience helping the people of Tennessee with their family legal issues and can help you make the best of yours.

In Tennessee, there is a distinction made between the Primary Residential Parent and Alternate Residential Parent. This can serve a starting point for which parent is the obligor, or parent who owes child support, and obligee, or parent who will collect child support. Once this determination has been made, the obligor must make his or her mandated payments to the obligee.

Unpaid Child Support in Tennessee

Unpaid child support can be manifested in several ways. The most common type is support that was ordered by the court, but has simply not been fulfilled. It is important to note that outstanding child support payments cannot be reduced or eliminated; they must be paid. It is also possible for child support to be enforced retroactively in certain cases including:

- Paternity cases

- Enforcement to the date of parental separation

- Enforcement to the date of parental abandonment

- Enforcement to the date of custody

Calculating support owed in these retroactive cases is slightly different from in standard cases. As a basis for income, the court will generally use the average income of the obligor over the past two years.

How can unpaid child support be collected in Tennessee?

While in an ideal situation, the obligor parent will simply pay his or her support in a timely manner, some situations require legal action to collect. In the event that legal action is necessary, this money can be collected by several means.

- Automatic wage garnishment

- Confiscation of tax refunds

- Seizure of bank accounts and assets

- Use of liens against different types of property

In addition to these collection methods, there can be several forms of legal pressure placed on the non-paying parent that include:

- Revocation of driver’s licenses or professional licenses

- Denial of passport applications

- Reporting of non-payment to credit agencies

The most proper method is generally determined on a case-by-case basis, and our legal team at the Law Office of David L. Scott will help you through this process.

Contact our Rutherford County law office for help collecting unpaid child support

If you are owed child support, The Law Office of David L. Scott can help you collect the money you are owed. Contact us online or at 615-896-7656 for assistance with collecting your payments.




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